11/5/21 12:56 PM 2 min read

KOACORE Friday Focus - Venue Precautions

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Here at KOACORE, our top priority is ensuring the safety of all individuals attending entertainment events at events and concerts throughout the country. To date, we have serviced over 200+ events to ensure the health and safety of fans, staff, and artist teams, from small private shows to the biggest arenas and stadiums. 

From the vast amount of experience working with these venues, assessing safety management schematics for the area, and executing on premier safety service, we wanted to provide our network and readers with basic guidelines they can follow to ensure their personal safety when attending entertainment events.

Our guidance surrounds three pillars - personal safety management, assessing venue safety, and assessing communal risk. Personal safety management can easily be achieved through getting vaccinated and wearing masks at concerts. Given the presence of the Delta variant over the previous months, we fall in line with public health experts' recommendation to wear masks in public crowded spaces such as concerts and other event spaces. Secondly, you can assess venue safety by checking to see what protocols they may have in place before attending the event. Finally, by checking the local transmission rates in your county, you can also see the overall presence of transmission. By leveraging these three pillars to your advantage, you can be sure to decrease your risk of contracting and transmitting Covid-19. 

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