2/4/22 10:50 AM 2 min read

The Olympic Lift of the Olympic Games

Click here to view an overview of the Covid-19 prevention measures at the Olympic Games.

With the Olympics kicking off tonight, it marks not only the start of world-class competition, but the culmination of herculean planning and execution to create an air-tight bubble environment from Covid-19. Pierre Ducrey, the operations director for the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.), equated creating the closed loop bubble to doing so for a small city the size of North Miami Beach, FL (roughly 65,000 people). 

The 70-page document that was released by the I.O.C. outlines some of the most comprehensive protocols ever put in place to stage an event during the pandemic. It reinforces China's "zero-Covid" policy that it has taken on since the start of the pandemic. While the protocols they laid out are expected to work, nothing is guaranteed in the age of Omicron and the rapid transmissibility of the variant. 

Even half a world away, KOACORE's partner CoProtect has been able to supply Team USA with 99.9% BFE/PFE rated KN95 masks to ensure the highest level of protection for Team USA athletes. As KOACORE & CoProtect's partnership continues to expand, no event poses itself as too large to conduct comprehensive safety management measures. Check out the link below to find out more about our event safety management program. 

Click here to find out more about our event safety management program.

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