10/29/21 8:48 AM 2 min read

KOACORE Friday Focus - Proof of Vaccination Guide

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With the rise in travel, entertainment, and leisure coming out of the Delta wave, many countries and states are requiring proof of vaccination for common public places. While nearly all will accept the 4" x 3" white card we all have become accustomed to, it is crucial to not misplace the card for future travels. There are other ways to provide proof of vaccination, however, that don't require an individual to carry around their white card everywhere they go.

The most accessible and recently released versions are doing it through your phone. On iPhones, through iOS 15.1, individuals can upload their records into the Health app and add their vaccination record to their Apple Wallet, providing a QR Code that links back to your record of vaccination. For Android users, a similar feature is available through the Google Pay App. 

Beyond using those apps, both phones also have a scanner feature in the notes that allows individuals to take a picture of both sides of their vaccination card, and create a separate document that solely displays the card. 

Outside of those two reasons, there are also plenty of third party apps that are valid forms of proof of vaccination for particular states or countries. Regardless, it is important to check with your final destination and verify what qualifies for proof of vaccination, so you do not have to risk losing your original Covid-19 vaccine card in public. 

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