8/6/21 4:48 PM 2 min read

Friday Focus - PPE Fraud

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This week's Friday Focus shined a light on the rampant PPE Fraud that has occurred since the start of the pandemic. With any business industry, there will always be bad actors trying to make quick cash. However, the pandemic has presented a unique opportunity for fraud because of the novelty of the virus, the serious disruptions in supply chains caused by the virus, and heightened emotions inside and outside the workplace. 

In particular, Fortune broke it down into three different forces. One is the increased pressure on suppliers to deliver products in an incredibly disruptive and broken marketplace. The second is that the pressure to make certain deadlines creates opportunities for arbitrage for available supply, even though nothing has changed about the product itself. Finally, end buyers are quicker to rationalize certain items due to points one and two, without allowing them to conduct proper diligence. 

KOACORE has vetted hundreds of different products in multiple different supply chain lines across the world. We ensure from start to finish that we communicate thoroughly with all stakeholders in the process with complete transparency. If you are looking to source PPE products and need help vetting supply chains, KOACORE has proven experience to ensure that your product lines are legitimate.

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