9/27/21 3:08 PM 2 min read

KOACORE Weekly News 9/27

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This past week, we examined the inverse relationship between vaccination rates and hospitalization admissions for Covid-19. It has become unequivocally clear that increased vaccinations leads to decreased hospitalizations in communities. And the reverse is true, in that lower vaccination numbers has caused hospitalization rates to reach peak levels. Continuing to highlight the importance of vaccinations against hospitalizations and severe Covid-19 disease will encourage people to get vaccinated, leading us one step close to getting out of this pandemic.

In addition, we also touched upon the recent rulings regarding booster shots from the CDC & the FDA, and why Moderna and Johnson & Johnson were not included in those rulings. Plus we examined the role rapid testing can play over the next six months of the pandemic, and how especially in schools, it can help improve detection rates 2-3x. Finally, with many new vaccine mandates going into effect over the past few weeks, we highlight whether or not its necessary to carry your physical vaccine card with you at all times.  

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