8/9/21 6:34 PM 2 min read

KOACORE Weekly News 8/9

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This week, the debate surrounding mask mandates heats back up as schools look to return to in person learning as Covid cases in the U.S. reached a 7-day average higher than 100,000, with the highest single day average (168,343) since January. While some states have imposed mask mandates indoors and for schools, other states (namely Arizona and Texas) have laws signed banning any mask mandate of any type. Therefore, local school districts would technically be breaking the law by implementing their own version of mask mandates. The same is happening in other states, such as California, where school districts are actively circumventing mask mandates.

The significant rise in cases, paired with many epidemiologists being confused by the new Delta variant, has led many local communities to be confused on what guidance is appropriate moving forward. Masks are proven to be effective, and beyond the social stigma associated with masking, are solely beneficial to preventing the spread of Covid-19. However, the basic health misinformation that has spread rampantly regarding Covid-19 has led some communities astray, thinking that masks do more harm than good. 

We also reviewed the current surges in Covid-19 cases in Florida & Texas, as well as the delayed return-to-office plans. New information was released also pointing towards the FDA giving full approval for the Pfizer vaccine sometime in early September, with Moderna to follow soon after. 

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