8/31/21 4:31 PM 2 min read

KOACORE Weekly News 8/30

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There has been a lot of confusion recently surrounding the Delta variant and it's impact on the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines. Understandably so, given that people's perception of the effectiveness of the vaccine & misunderstanding of how vaccines are interpreted in the scientific community are two different things. Many Americans came to presume initially that Covid-19 vaccines were nearly foolproof in preventing infections of Covid-19. However, epidemiologists understand that vaccines are not judged on their capability to prevent all infections, but rather preventing severe illness in hospitalization and death. 

Even though there have been many recent studies citing the decline in effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines against infection, epidemiologists knew this was a possibility all along due to the nature of vaccines and variants of a disease. Therefore, vaccinated individuals must understand that they are still susceptible to being infected with the virus, but their chances of hospitalization and death are dramatically reduced and still highly effective. 

In addition, we discuss the recent full FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine, and its effects on vaccine mandates in particular industries. We delve further into the problems it can cause with states like Florida & Texas which have banned private entities from asking for proof of vaccination. Finally, we touch upon a mask producer, Shanghai Dasheng, that got their NIOSH approval revoked for not implementing quality control practices. 

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