7/26/21 3:30 PM 2 min read

KOACORE Weekly News 7/26

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Topics in this week's issue include: examining "breakthrough" cases of Covid-19 - where a vaccinated individual contracts the virus, why it occurs, how frequently it occurs, and how you should incorporate the new information into your everyday habits. Although "breakthrough" infections are going to happen for some vaccinated individuals, it's important to remember that the vaccines nearly guarantee that one will not be hospitalized or die from Covid-19. 

Plus, looking more into the global situation of Covid-19, where Indonesia & South East Asia are seen as the epicenter of the pandemic right now. Cases have doubled in areas such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, and have increased 7x in Indonesia. The staggering rise in cases is due to the increased circulation of the Delta variant, paired with a slower vaccination administration rate.

France also established a vaccine pass mandate for most public areas this past week, and as a result many protests were conducted in opposition to the ruling. Italy followed suit, and although they both received public scrutiny, the number of vaccine appointment bookings has shot up in both nations. 

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