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KOACORE Weekly News 12/3 - Outlining Omicron

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Since the WHO declared the Omicron variant one of concern a week ago, there have been a flurry of announcements and predictions regarding the variant. In reality, there still is a lot that is unknown about the Omicron variant.

  1. First, we know that the sequence was discovered in South Africa, but it is believed that the virus was actually circulating in Europe and North America before it's discovery.
  2. Second, the reason the WHO listed it on it's variants of concern (V.O.C.) list is due to the number of mutations in the spike protein. For comparison, the Delta variant had anywhere between 10 and 15 mutations, whereas the Omicron variant has 25 to 30 mutations.
  3. Third, while the mutations in the spike protein suggest a higher level of transmissibility, it still is too early to tell whether or not that is actually the case, in addition to the severeness of the variant. 99.9% of all Covid-19 cases in the U.S. are still the Delta variant, and until there is more substantial data on Omicron, it's simply to early to tell the true effect of the new variant on the pandemic.

The onset of the new variant highlights the need for increased testing in the face of uncertainty. It is very possible that Omicron could become more highly transmissible, even evading the protection offered by vaccines. KOACORE's mixture of premiere medical products and high class service has proven to be successful in helping produce 500+ safe events. 

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