12/10/21 1:37 PM 2 min read

KOACORE Weekly News 12/10 - Showing Status

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As more information solidifies surrounding the Omicron variant, government entities have already moved into action to change their health and safety measures. In particular, measures surrounding mask mandates and vaccine validations continue to spread throughout different parts of the world. In England, they reinstated their mask mandates in public places, in addition to calling for vaccine verification checks for common public areas. In Ireland, they went as far as to reduce capacities for events booked between now and January 9th. On Broadway in the U.S., they changed their policies to require that children aged 5 - 11 show proof of vaccination for entry, as now a negative test does not suffice anymore. 

The changes in policies from government entities reflect the continued reinforcement and importance of health and safety management. In order to adhere to public guidelines established by governing bodies, it is crucial to establish health and safety protocols for your events. KOACORE specializes in high throughput event safety management, and has successfully serviced over 500 events to date. 

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