11/8/21 9:57 AM 4 min read

KOACORE Weekly News 11/8 - Mandates Making Moves

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Following the Biden Administration's announcement last week that the enforcement of the OSHA vaccine mandate will begin on January 4th, many are still confused on what the implications are for their business or employment situation. Here's a basic breakdown of what's going on. 

  • The mandate affects all U.S. businesses, public & private, with over 100 employees to get fully vaccinated by January 4th, or be subject to regular testing once a week for employees. Employers are not required to pay for the weekly testing services, and the cost would not be covered by any government relief programs.
  • The mandate targets the 60M Americans who remain unvaccinated. Since July, the number of unvaccinated Americans dropped from 100M to 60M, showing the effectiveness of vaccine mandates.
  • The regulations only apply to workers going into the office in particular states. OSHA regulations are only enforced in 28 states, so as such the legislation would only affect workers in those states. Workers may apply for religious or medical exemptions.
  • Fines will be administered by OSHA based on complaints submitted by employees internally, with fines reaching as high as ~$14,000.
  • There are many states and companies already attempting to circumvent the mandate in court, which will most likely stand based on previous rulings.

The enforcement of the mandate will lead companies to adopt access management measures to ensure compliance with the new regulations. KOACORE has serviced hundreds of events and companies with safety access management services, and has the proven capabilities to service this function for companies of all sizes. See our capabilities and success stories on our access management page.

Beyond the new OSHA mandate, we also discuss why 30,000 visitors at Shanghai Disneyland were stuck inside the park, how Jair Bolsonaro is facing serious pressure from the Brazilian Senate over his response to the pandemic, and why rapid tests are hard to find in retail stores. 

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