10/4/21 9:59 PM 2 min read

KOACORE Weekly News 10/4

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One of the persistent themes of the pandemic is proving itself once more, as Covid cases are declining in the U.S. nearly 30% from its highs in the start of September. Since the start of the pandemic, most Covid-19 cases have fallen along a similar trend of rising for two months, hitting their peak, and then proceeding to fall for two months until bottoming out. The total four month long cycle can be seen across various stages of the pandemic across different countries, leading many epidemiologists believe that Covid-19 cases will decline until the end of October. Obviously, the two month cycle is not set in stone, as Covid cases in the U.K. have fluctuated around 30,000 for well over two months now. But, the continued persistence of these cycles can help public health officials plan for the next wave of the pandemic before it happens. 

In other news, we also covered how the vaccine mandate in NYC is affecting school employees, highlighted the upcoming dates for J&J, Moderna booster shots clearance in addition to Pfizer EUA for children, and finally a new study showing that rural Americans were actually more likely to die from Covid compared to urban Americans.

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