10/18/21 1:57 PM 3 min read

KOACORE Weekly News 10/18 - The Last Wave?

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As Covid cases have declined ~50% in recent weeks, epidemiologists, journalists covering the pandemic, and regular Americans are wondering if this past Delta surge was the last true surge of coronavirus infections. Three main factors have emerged that will dictate the future path of the pandemic over the next six months.

The first is the extent of population immunity through vaccination or previous infection. The second and most crucial is the future developments of variants, in particular the capabilities to pierce through immunity. If new variants emerge that are unaffected by previous immunity, that would dramatically impact the progress made against the virus to this point. The third is human interaction, in preventing transmission and the development of new variants, through simple practices such as vaccination, testing, and masking in crowded areas. 

In addition, we highlight the new protocols announced for Coachella & Stagecoach allowing patrons to enter with proof of negative test within 72 hours of entry, and what that could mean for future Goldenvoice events. We also took a look at the dichotomy between Florida and California, where the Florida Department of Public Health has filed $3.5M in fines for private entities evoking a proof of vaccination to enter their venue. Compare Florida's law to California, where the Los Angeles City Council has announced the enforcement of fines for individuals without proof of vaccination for nearly all enclosed venues, effective November 29th. The dichotomy of law enforcement between the two states exemplifies the complex rulings and enforcement surrounding vaccine mandates throughout the country. 

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