10/11/21 12:25 PM 2 min read

KOACORE Weekly News 10/11

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This week we circled back to the multi-layered supply chain disruptions that have caused issues for so many commodity traders and the global economy at large. While Covid-19 has served as a catalyst to the disruptions until this point, we examined other factors contributing to the massive delays. Namely, the unprecedented amount of spending and demand of goods from Asia, paired with labor shortages globally have amplified supply chain problems already created by the pandemic. The biggest issue is that there really is no end in sight, with these supply chain problems expected to continue throughout the rest of the winter and most likely longer into 2022. 

Plus, we examined the differences in immunity between infection or vaccination, a new snarl with the Ellume Covid-19 Home Tests, and the timeline for approval of Merck's new antiviral drug to combat Covid. This week, we also added a new "Event Safety News" section, to better inform our stakeholders and clients on all of the best-practices surrounding the event safety management world, as events face a big burden of the Delta variant paired with cold temperatures, driving events indoors. 

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