7/2/21 11:18 AM 2 min read

Friday Focus - Venues Return

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For this week, the Friday Focus examined Venues Return. For our first Friday Focus, we talked about the return to live, and the pent up demand for many to return to concerts in troves. For this edition, we primarily focus on venues, how they faired during the pandemic, and what their future outlook looks like.

Although many are quick to declare that venues have returned in full force, for many independent venues they are still struggling to cover many of the costs associated with re-opening. Although nearly a third of venues were expected to re-open in Q2 & Q3 this year, half of venues are unsure of their re-opening plans. Paired with the uncertainty caused by the Delta variant, most industry experts expect this year to be a very soft re-opening, with a full re-opening poised for 2022. 

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