7/23/21 3:52 PM 3 min read

Friday Focus - Mask Mandates

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For this week, the Friday Focus examined mask mandates. As cases in the U.S. continue to climb +300% over the past three weeks, from ~11,000 cases/day to ~42,000 cases/day, many are starting to question the CDC's mask guidance. When it reversed its mask guidance saying that masks were unnecessary for vaccinated individuals, the Delta variant represented just 1% of cases in the U.S. Today, the Delta variant represents 83% of cases in the U.S., driving the surge in cases over recent weeks.

There has been a lot of discussions surrounding breakthrough cases as well - instances where a vaccinated individual contracts Covid-19. Vaccines initially were misrepresented as an all-encompassing solution for preventing Covid-19, largely driven by the 95% efficacy rate first reported by Pfizer and used in headlines through multiple media outlets.

However, this is a common misperception, especially in the face of the Delta variant. Vaccinated individuals are increasing their risk to contracting Covid-19 by choosing not to wear masks, or have it be enforced by any public entity. While it is concerning that vaccinated individuals can still contract Covid-19, one reassuring point is that +98% of all hospitalizations and deaths have occurred among unvaccinated individuals at this time. 

There have been recent talks between the White House and the CDC to change their mask guidance policy, urging everyone in public areas to wear masks regardless of vaccination status. Given the disruptions in global supply chains right now, if you are struggling to procure products at this time, KOACORE has proven and vetted supply chains for masks and all other PPE products to deliver. 

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