10/23/21 10:53 AM 2 min read

KOACORE Friday Focus - Fan Health & Safety

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As events come back in full swing, many fans are left confused on the health and safety protocols for their local region. U.S. states have taken on vastly different statutes surrounding vaccine & mask mandates. California & Florida exemplify the wide spectrum, as they take on polar opposite policies, with California administering fines to venues that do not check for vaccination/testing status, and Florida administering fines to venues that implement these health & safety policies.

Artists also can lie on vastly different ends of the spectrum as well, with comedian Jim Breuer making news this past week for cancelling two shows because the venues required proof of vaccination. On the other hand, comedian Patton Oswald cancelled two shows because venues were not requiring proof of vaccination or negative Covid test for entry. 

Fans for live events are left in the crosshairs of these constantly changing rules. At the end of the day, fans, artists, show producers, and all stakeholders involved want to respect the safety of others, while also allowing all individuals to attend events. KOACORE's proven experience in curating event safety management programs has shown that the way to achieve this reality is by allowing proof of vaccination, negative Covid test, or purchase of a rapid Covid test onsite for fans. That way, regardless of one's personal health decisions, all fans can come back to enjoying events in a safe environment. 

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