10/8/21 3:38 PM 2 min read

KOACORE Friday Focus - Endemic Covid

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On this week's Friday Focus, we examined endemic covid - how the future of the pandemic will evolve into its next form. Most epidemiologists agree at this point that Covid is not going to go away permanently, and we will never reach a point where there are zero cases in the world. So then the question becomes, how can we live with the virus?

Singapore might be able to provide us with some insight into that question, given that the country has achieved over an 80% full vaccination rate in their country. Currently, Singapore is going through their worst wave of the pandemic by far, with cases reaching nearly 3,500/day, 22x higher than its previous wave. However, over 98% of cases are considered mild, and the number of deaths has not significantly increased in recent weeks.

It highlights the importance of still continuing to do proper health and safety measures in the U.S. until the death & hospitalization rate decreases enough in the U.S. 

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