1/28/21 10:45 AM 2 min read

Chinese New Year Shutdown 2021: How to Prepare

Given that many workers need extensive travel time to get home, the delays in production will extend beyond the traditional Chinese New Year (Feb 12th - Feb 22nd). The article forecasts with travel delays, most manufacturing employees will start to leave Early February, with operations returning to near normal around March 4th. Below is a rough timeline of how the new year will affect manufacturing schedules.


  • End of January: Suppliers will begin to stop production.
  • Early February: Employees begin leaving the factories.
  • February 11: All employees have left the factory.
  • February 12: Chinese New Year.
  • End of February: Employees begin arriving back at the factories.
  • March 4: Most employees have returned.
  • March 11: Operations are almost back to normal.


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